About Us

Imooki started with us. Sarah & Alex. After 15 years working together in the travel accommodation industry we saw a gap, and conceived the Imooki idea.

What if you could create a place where travellers and property owners could connect and interact, instead of the usual endless searching, emailing, box-ticking and form-filling. Wouldn’t it be great if you could flip it round – say what you’re looking for and let the matches come to you.

The answer was clear. The answer was Imooki.

We knew our little forum would work, because every time we looked for somewhere to stay we needed it. We would trawl through endless listings, knowing the perfect property was out there. We just needed the right platform to ask. And if we needed it then others would too. When we were property managers with gaps to fill we’d have loved to bypass the availability calendars, 3-night minimum restrictions and special offers. See what travellers are looking for, and make them a direct offer.

What does Imooki mean? No idea but if you start with ‘I am looking’ and take out a few letters…..




Feeling sociable? Let’s get together…

How It Works


Put it out there

Add a request to our forum with your dates, numbers, budget and anything else on your wishlist.


Get it back

Properties that can match what you’re looking for will post offers, with real-time availability and prices.


Book direct

Choose from the offers, read the reviews and book directly with the property. How easy was that?

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