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After over 15 years in the travel industry we’re excited about the way new concepts and technology have changed the landscape. And it’s not just travel. In pretty much every arena tech, and its pioneers, are creating better ways of doing things. At their heart many have been about facilitating new connections and bringing us closer; Airbnb has created a way of connecting travellers with spare rooms in every corner of the world, and has made it easier to find those tiny guest houses that we might never have discovered on our own.


But there’s a flipside – the sheer volume of options is mind-bogglingly overwhelming, and searching through them has become a chore in itself. We think Imooki can help.


We know what it’s like looking for accommodation for a trip or holiday. Trawling through hundreds of listings, poring over the details, double checking what the price includes.  Maybe you have unanswered questions – can I stay 2 nights even though there’s a 3-night minimum? Can I park? Can I arrive at midnight? Can I bring a dog? Yeah but what about a baby? Then you’ve got to keep track of all the replies. You finally book but what if you’ve missed a gem…


Let’s try a different scenario. You post your request on Imooki with your dates, group numbers, budget and anything else on your wishlist. Need a highchair? Ask. Need parking for 3 cars? Ask. A notification goes out to all our registered properties. If they have something that matches your request they post a reply on the site with details, prices and a link to their property website or their listing on Airbnb,, etc. You check out the properties and reviews, choose your favourite, then book directly.

How it works


Add a request to our forum with your dates, numbers, budget and anything else on your wishlist.


Properties that can match what you’re looking for will post offers, with real-time availability and prices.


Choose from the offers, read the reviews and book directly with your favourite. How easy was that?

Why it works

You’re not wasting time because you’re only looking at listings that you know are available and match your wishlist.

You’re booking directly so you get the best possible price.

Replies and offers are posted against your request so you’re not dealing with emails from multiple properties, and can see everything in one place.

Properties can make a special offer – just for you.

Your email address is kept private until you contact the property directly, so you won’t be added to any random mailing lists.

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